Everything is futile.
Really, it is. There's no point to anything - you never "win", you never get ahead for long. Everytime you manage to do something you think might be "good" or "worth it" it becomes evident that it's all just pointless.
I spend my time thinking up and then solving problems. Why? it's of little use to me and of no use to anyone else. I've started publishing stuff to the public so maybe someone will get some use of it. I don't care if they do.
I don't care any more. I don't think I ever did - or ever seemed to have the capacity to.
You just can't win. You get blamed for shit that's not your fault, but you've no power to fight back - you just have to take it because luck didn't work your way in life. People get to control what you do simply because they did get lucky somewhere.
Luck is just yet another futility - you can't control it, and if you don't get it (or have started off from a place where you're more likely to get it) you're screwed.
I don't want to be part of this any more.
Getting older
An insight...
When I was younger I always tried to have the latest technology things - the first "smartphone", the first "real" cameraphone, PDAs, one of the first portable DVD players and so on. I always read tech news and reviews and was always looking out for the next thing, no matter how much use it was likely to be..
As time as gone by I seem to have lost interest in much of this stuff.
I also seem to have got more interested in much older technology - when things were mechanical rather than computerised. Most of what I do now involves a command-line rather than GUI.
I had a smart-watch but when they closed down the services I didn't get another - I just got one that did fitness tracking, now I've replaced that with a standard non-smart watch. VR seems to be the latest thing but I just can't get interested. Nor in the high-end stuff - most of what I use now is just low-end. I wonder how much of this change is that the pace of progress seems to have slowed, or what has changed with me.
Does everyone lose interest as they get older? I wonder.
A pure Javascript throbber/spinner
Source code for a pure Javascript throbber (the moving animated thing you see whilst something is busy) implemented with no dependencies in very little code.